Argentina Lián Types was created in 2008 by Maximiliano Sproviero. Maximiliano loves typography and was interested in the beauty of it when he started studying Graphic Design at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The creation of fonts began as a hobby but later it became an addiction. Not only digital fonts, characters written on paper have their own personality. Maximiliano found calligraphy a very relaxing way to make art.

Inspired in gothic, uncial and many handwritings, Argentina Lián Types designed its first font, named Devil Kalligraphy, which looks antique with a strong personality. Later, Pumba font and Tobogan, with a retro style considering the beauty of the curve. Kiwi Sans Serif, a more formal font, intended to be used in many designs, as its neutrality. School Rainbow, which reminds the way teachers used to write on the greenboard, and finally Suave Calligraphy, which means smooth calligraphy, trying to be seductive and elegant.

Argentina Lián Types wishes everyone never stop loving this kind of art. Like history tells: ‘the written word’ can be as precious as any other art work.


Aire Fleurons Pro
Aire Roman Pro
Beatle Regular
Brand Light Pro
Brand Ornaments
Brand Pro
Erotica Big Pro
Erotica Inline Pro
Erotica Small Pro
Live Pro
Reina 12 Pro
Reina 72 Standard
Reina Engraved Pro
Reina Fleurons
Seventies Regular
Seventies Shade
String Hole
String Regular