Latinotype is a new digital type foundry established in the year 2007 in the city of Concepción, Chile. Our goal is to design new typefaces remixing diverse influences related to our South American identity (most often known as “latino”) with high quality products for the contemporary design industry.


Corporative Soft Alt Condensed Family
Corporative Soft Condensed Family
Corporative Soft Alt Family
Corporative Soft Family
Corporative Soft Regular
Corporative Soft Hair
Corporative Soft Black
Revista Dingbats One
Revista Regular
Revista Script Black
Brocha Alternative Family
Brocha Basic Family
Brocha Black
Brocha Regular
Brocha Hair
Corporative Sans Regular
Corporative Sans Thin
Triump Rough Ornaments
Triump Rough Rock 07
Triump Rough Blur 05
Sabores Script Dingbats
Sabores Script Black
Sabores Script Regular
Sabores Script Light
Blanc Black
Blanc Regular
Blanc Thin
Titular Thin
Titular Book
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