Blambot Comics Fonts was founded in 1999 by Graphic Designer / Illustrator, Nate Piekos. Since then Blambot has become a staple in the comic creation industry, appearing in books published by Marvel, Dark Horse, Oni, Image and independent comics world-wide. Blambot has licensed font designs to such companies as Microsoft, The Gap and Sierra Software, as well as being the type designer for Harvey Award Winning comic artist, Mike “Madman” Allred.


Quahog BB
Pistolero BB
Piekos FX Rough BB
Piekos FX BB
Perihelion BB
Mythmaker BB
Meanstreets BB
Longbox BB
Imaginary Friend BB
Honeymead BB
Hometown Hero BB
Hired Goons BB
Heavy Mettle BB
Giant Sized Spectacular BB
Gone Fission BB
Gamma Rays BB
Fight to the Finish BB
Fold And Staple BB
Entrails BB
Elevations BB
Earthman Ext BB
Earthman Heavy BB
Earthman Basic BB
Dwarven Axe BB
Duty Calls BB
Dungeon Dweller BB
Drawing Board BB
Dearly Departed BB
Deadringer BB
Cyrano BB
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