Albatross is a font foundry started in 2008 by Jay Hilgert. Jay is an Oklahoma City-based designer and also the founder of, a staple blog in the global graphic design community. Albatross specializes in a wide variety of display typefaces, each with it’s own personality, and each inspired by a unique set of experiences. Albatross fonts are designed to be fun and useful at the same time!


23rd Street
ABTS Aviator Bold
ABTS Aviator Regular
ABTS Crestwing Regular
ABTS Day of the Dead Regular
ABTS Day of the Dead Symbols
ABTS Feather Pen
ABTS Gunsmoke Regular
ABTS milk
ABTS Oklahoma
Altus Extras
Altus Regular
Baja California
BOOM Regular
BOOM Symbols
Castor Extras
Castor One
Castor Ornaments
Helios Pro Bold
Helios Pro Regular
Microbrew Four 3D
Microbrew Four Shadow
Microbrew One Shadow
Microbrew Ornaments
Microbrew Three Combined
Naughty Astronaut Cowboy Italic
Naughty Astronaut Cowboy Regular
Naughty Astronaut Italic
Naughty Astronaut Regular
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