YWFT HLLVTKA Round Round Outline Font by YouWorkForThem

YWFT HLLVTKA Round Round Outline
YWFT HLLVTKA Round Round OutlineYWFT HLLVTKA Round Round OutlineYWFT HLLVTKA Round Round OutlineYWFT HLLVTKA Round Round OutlineYWFT HLLVTKA Round Round Outline

About: With great pride, we present this hand-drawn alphabet in both upper and lower case, derived from the beloved standard of all existing things: Helvetica. Originally hand drawn in 2007 by YouWorkForThem, we revisited these drawings in 2010 and developed them into a fully functional opentype release. YWFT HLLVTKA Round comes with two style options (normal and outline), with each style containing opentype stylistic alternates for upper case, lower case, numericals and punctuations. When you buy the complete family of YWFT HLLVTKA Round, we include a free copy of the original handset design (eps file), which contains several more letter options for your enjoyment. Designed by YouWorkForThem.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Handwritten, Special Effect

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1-5 Users | $24.99



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