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YWFT Duncan
YWFT Duncan YWFT Duncan YWFT Duncan YWFT Duncan YWFT Duncan

About: Once again, the Brazilian type ninjas at PintassilgoPrints have slipped unseen into our mountain fortress and left behind a fierce 26-finger death punch. YWFT Duncan is the latest addition to our hand-drawn house of champions, but this one has the added value of working well in both headline and content settings. Well-suited for both short phrases and long blocks of copy, YWFT Duncan also makes for unique, jumbled combinations that create a strikingly organic effect when set. Originally a handset design, this quirky typeface is now fully empowered with appropriately glorious OpenType features, and even though playful, it still brings the serious when necessary. 354 glyphs, Contextual Alternates, two Stylistic Sets (available for use in Illustrator and InDesign), Ornaments and Ligatures.

Designed by YouWorkForThem and PintassilgoPrints.

YWFT Duncan also includes a FREE EPS handset of the original typeface drawings previously known as YWFT OffHand.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Handwritten

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YWFT Duncan

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