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In the days when typesetting was still a craft, typesetters had to learn how to construct the letters of the alphabet. They had to be able to draw by hand. Every young typesetter had to prove, that he was able to geometrically design a complete alphabet.

Some of them took that work so seriously, they printed specimens of their constructions. About twenty years ago I came across one of those prints and thought maybe one day I will reconstruct that typeface. But no! I found the result of my scans so interesting – much more interesting than the actual typeface – that I decided to use those scans to create a rough typeface out of those scans, with all the measurement that made it look very technical. Here it is in outline and solid. I called it “Tecon”, short for technical-construction. The two cuts have the same metrics and can be superimposed for color effects, that is why I only sell them as a pair.

Yours very constructive Gert Wiescher

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