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Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor Sailor

About: Sailor is the digital rendition of a film type that was popular in the early- to late-1970s. The type was called West Futura Casual.

Some of the letter shapes of the original were replaced with more contemporary versions, but the originals remain accessible as alternates from different cells within the font, along with some other alternates and letter combinations. Just as the name implied, this sort of lettering is what happens when someone tries to apply Futura's geometrical principles with a casual hand brush.

This style has been popular for over three decades now, and is still going on strong. Posters with casual attempts at geometry are seen everywhere these days. Sailor's brush style is now the standard visual expression of fun, cool, and happy atmosphere. It has the kind of versatility that can excite the eyes of children in cinemas, brand a product as happy and hip, turn a sign or banner into a cheerful invitation, or just make a poster or book cover that much more appealing to the eye.

Tags: 1960s, 1970s, Font, Groovy, Sans Serif

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