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Rieven Uncial Pro
Rieven Uncial Pro

About: If a sans serif roman and an uncial got together and had a type-baby, it would be Rieven Uncial. While it retains a richness and elegance found in traditional uncial forms, Rieven Uncial has been carefully tempered by designer Steven Skaggs to be much more versatile. The accompany­ing italic works perfectly well with its uncial cousin de­spite being structurally quite distinct from it.

The OpenType Pro Versions

What’s different in the OpenType Pro versions of Rieven Uncial? For starters, the character set is dramatically ex­panded, boasting over 800 glyphs. Next, these fonts pro­vide broader support for lan­guages based on the Latin alphabet. There are seven sets of numerals (including old­style & superiors), prebuilt fractions (or use the numer­ators and denominators to com­pose your own), over a dozen Ligatures, Symbols, Orna­ments, and more. It’s packed full of typographic goodies and the OpenType fea­tures to make it easy for you to use them.

Award Winner

Rieven Uncial garnered a “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” in the 2010 TDC² competition.

Serving Suggestion

Rieven Uncial Pro is surprisingly versatile. Use it for CDs, books, packaging, and signage, or any­time there is a need for an exotic feel to text without being overly decorative.

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