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New Yorker Type Bold
New Yorker Type Bold New Yorker Type Bold New Yorker Type Bold New Yorker Type Bold New Yorker Type Bold

About: NewYorkerType was one of the first typefaces I tried my hand at in 1985.

I meant it as a revival of the typeface used by the New Yorker magazine. I did not scan it in, I just looked at the type and redrew it completely by hand. So it is not just a copy, but rather a redesign. Only much later did I come to know, that there is a bundle of similar typefaces of that period. Rea Irvin’s design for New-Yorker magazine was just one of them, but the best.

Yours, sincerely honoring Rea Irvin a great type- and magazine-designer Gert Wiescher

Tags: 1920s, 1930s, Art Deco, Font

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