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Montez Montez Montez Montez Montez
Montez Montez Montez Montez Montez

About: Straight from the beauty product ads of the 1960's comes Montez Pro, full of sweeping strokes which lend to a feeling of joy and elegance throughout its letterforms. It is the ideal font for display uses that require a little drama, "joie de vivre" or Joy of Life.

The stylings of the standard typeset Montez Pro lend itself to holiday and celebration designs most effectively. And while it is usually a typographic no-no to set a script in all capitals, Montez Pro contains a small caps feature that has specially redesigned capitals that allow an appealing all capitals setting.

Montez Pro is loaded with features to give you plenty of customisation options:
- Stylistic Alternates offer variations of the L, t, and w-smallcap characters
- Small Caps offer tailored back and normalized short capitals
- 44 Ligatures to make typesetting more interesting
- A Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for Limitless Fractions
- Proportional and Oldstyle numeral sets

Tags: 1950s, 1960s, Casual Script, Formal Script, Retro

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1-5 Users | $39.00


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