MFC Mastaba Monogram Font by Monogram Fonts Co.

MFC Mastaba Monogram
MFC Mastaba Monogram

About: The inspiration source for Mastaba Monogram is a wonderful hand-drawn letterset from a vintage embroidery publication combining step staggered Aztec or Mayan vibe initials to make a monogram. First drawn as outlined letterforms with stipple shading, we’ve created multiple variations for you to design with. While this monogram was originally intended to adorn handkerchiefs, it has many other possibilities. This is one of many monogram designs from the early 1900’s which fall into a two letter format that is either adorned or interwoven with ornamentation.

Download and view the MFC Mastaba Guidebook if you would like to learn a little more.

The MFC Mastaba Monogram family comes complete with Pro & Standard format fonts. To use the Pro fonts will require with programs that can take advantage of OpenType features contained within the Pro fonts, otherwise you should use the Standard font versions.

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