MFC Budding Monogram Font by Monogram Fonts Co.

MFC Budding Monogram
MFC Budding Monogram

About: The inspiration source for Budding Monogram is a unique embroidery alphabet from the early 1900's. The original design was a Capitals only letterset adorned with a budding flower. We have expanded that character set to include both floral adorned Capitals, and bare Capitals, along with a set of smallcaps for creating traditional monograms.

Download and view the MFC Budding Monogram Guidebook if you would like to learn a little more.

Budding Monogram comes complete with both Pro and Standard format fonts. For those with programs that can take advantage of OpenType features, the Pro fonts are for you, but for others without the ability to use OpenType features, we've created separate fonts that make up the styles contained in the Pro font.

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