Melany Lane Ornaments Bold Font by Yellow Design Studio

Melany Lane Ornaments Bold
Melany Lane Ornaments BoldMelany Lane Ornaments BoldMelany Lane Ornaments BoldMelany Lane Ornaments BoldMelany Lane Ornaments Bold


Melany Lane from Yellow Design Studio is a flourishy script based on traditional letterforms, but with the added quirks and warmth of hand-drawn type. The base character set has traditionally connected letters and an expressive charm. Contextual alternates add flair with unconnected letters and additional contour options. Mix in swash and stylistic alternates for extra funkiness and fun.

Melany Lane features regular and bold versions, 118 eclectic ornaments (also in regular and bold), and a free set of 14 seamless background patterns. It includes over 1300 glyphs and 364 ligatures that create interesting letter combinations and fix overlapping letter pairs. Opentype features including contextual alternates, swash, stylistic sets, ligatures, initial and terminal forms and old-style figures. It performs best with opentype friendly applications.

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1-5 Users | $30.00


1-5 Users | $30.00


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