Lust Slim Display Italic Font by Positype

Lust Slim Display Italic
Lust Slim Display Italic Lust Slim Display Italic Lust Slim Display Italic Lust Slim Display Italic Lust Slim Display Italic

About: The original Lust (and later, Lust Script) was my overly indulgent attempt to infuse wanton sensuality in a typeface. I wanted to create an over the top, curvy serif that was a little sexy. Lust Slim signifies a maturation of the individual families as it branches out into further useful typographic indulgences. Lust Slim is just that, slimmer, more compact, more economical of space. It works lock-step with Lust and Lust Script. Both weights and each variant still appear… just optimized for a narrower setting. Everything that was under the covers before, still remains–with a few surprises—Lots of contrast, almost demure, coy contrast mixed with the flowing curves of a woman’s body, incomplete, almost teasing ball terminals, and serifs that went on forever…so sharp they would draw blood if you touched them.

WARNING! I cannot stress this enough. Please know what you are getting into with this typeface. Like a supermodel, it can't be squeezed into every situation. It needs room and size to breathe. The regular weights can support 36-point or higher settings, whereas the display weights shine above 72-point (preferably 100-point).

Lust Slim is packed with alternates to play with‚ enough to turn you on and satisfy. Utilizing the OpenType features (and Glyph palette) wisely will have you weaving through endless variations of Stylistic, Contextual, Titling, Historical and Swash alternates‚ and the Italic styles feature a Contextual system that allows you to switch seamlessly between Didone and Scotch traits in order to better complement the upright variants.

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Tags: Contemporary, Font, Modern, Serif

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