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Kaffeehaus Neon
Kaffeehaus Neon Kaffeehaus Neon Kaffeehaus Neon Kaffeehaus Neon Kaffeehaus Neon

About: Kaffeehaus Neon was inspired by the classic script font Kaufmann, which was designed by Max Kaufmann in 1936 and remains popular. That font is widely available under its trademarked name or as Coffee, Diner, Diana, and many others. My version is completely redrawn and differs significantly from the original. For my interpretation, I have adapted the basic letterforms to better resemble tubular neon lettering. The ends of characters are all rounded, and there are more open loops. The highlights give it a glassy or metallic shine and a bit of three-dimensionality. I also made a solid version without highlights for use at smaller sizes, in layering, and with effects filters.

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Casual Script, Font, Retro, Special Effect

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