Hydrogen Periodic Set Font Family by Astigmatic One Eye

Hydrogen Periodic Set
Hydrogen Periodic Set Hydrogen Periodic Set Hydrogen Periodic Set Hydrogen Periodic Set

About: March 2004 marks the launch of the first set of what will be a new signature line of epic proportions. Astigmatic has always been interested in testing their personal limits, and this line will prove to be no exception to the rule, as this fixed scale series will take approximately 20 years to complete.

The Periodic Series will be comprised of a fixed number of 118 sets, each named after an element from the Periodic Table. Each set will contain a unique four font family, set on a rust printed industrial pthalo black CD, encased within an aluminum CD tin, and placed inside a printed rusted file cabinet slipcase with a rivet file frame on the front of the case to hold the element file label.

The first release of this series, the Hydrogen Set, is a family of four industrial typefaces, from geometric to rounded, and their inline versions. This inaugural set is available for an amazing value of only $16. Future sets in the series will be available for $20.

Tags: Font, Futuristic, Special Effect

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