Hummingbird Bold Font by Laura Worthington

Hummingbird Bold
Hummingbird Bold Hummingbird Bold Hummingbird Bold Hummingbird Bold Hummingbird Bold

About: Hummingbird is reminiscent of old-fashioned cursive penmanship, the sort learned by endless repetition and found in treasured letters bundled together by silken ribbons or in worn leather-bound ledgers. The aim of cursive penmanship was a graceful, yet disciplined uniformity. But to the discerning eye, those hours of painstakingly practiced elegant scripts were still thoroughly human, filled with unintentional variations. Hummingbird uses technical sophistication to create a typeface that is lovely, sensual, airy, personal and innately human as the writer’s hand and pen.

A unique feature of Hummingbird is its 214 subtle variations, known as contextual alternates. The alternates bring a flowing randomness to the typeface, tempered by their reference to a more natural handwritten appearance, rather than acting as a sort of decorative embellishment. The font also has 266 swashes that include an entire set of decorated uppercase letters that add personality, emphasis and beauty.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Formal Script, Handwritten

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