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Fertigo Pro
Fertigo Pro Fertigo Pro


Enjoy Fertigo Pro. The font nobody was waiting for.

It’s a bit like Laphroaig; they say that the more you’ll get to know it, the more you will (probably) appreciate it.

Don’t forget to have a look at the script version.

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1-5 Users | $14.95


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Fertigo Pro Script
Geotica Three
Geotica Three Engraved
Museo 100 Regular
Museo 300 Regular
Museo 500 Regular
Museo 700 Regular
Museo 900 Regular
Museo Sans 100
Museo Sans 300
Museo Sans 500
Museo Sans 500 Italic
Museo Sans 700
Museo Sans 900
Museo Sans Condensed 100
Museo Sans Condensed 300
Museo Sans Condensed 500
Museo Sans Condensed 700
Museo Sans Condensed 900
Museo Sans Extended Cyrillic 100
Museo Sans Extended Cyrillic 300
Museo Sans Extended Cyrillic 500
Museo Sans Extended Cyrillic 700
Museo Sans Extended Cyrillic 900
Museo Sans Rounded 100
Museo Sans Rounded 1000
Museo Sans Rounded 300
Museo Sans Rounded 500
Museo Sans Rounded 700
Museo Sans Rounded 900
Museo Slab 100 Regular
Museo Slab 1000 Regular
Museo Slab 300 Regular
Museo Slab 500 Italic
Museo Slab 500 Regular
Museo Slab 700 Regular
Museo Slab 900 Regular