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Ellida Regular
Ellida Regular Ellida Regular Ellida Regular Ellida Regular Ellida Regular

About: Ellida is a very elaborate and elegant script in the tradition of the 18th-century English calligrapher George Bickham and the 19th-century American calligrapher Platt Rogers Spencer.

I really enjoyed designing this script and maybe one day I will add starting and ending letters. Doing this script was extremely time- and brain-consuming, it is a huge challenge to make calligraphic letters work on computers so that they join perfectly.

That’s also the reason that this has become my most expensive font so far, but I think the price is fair for the incredible amount of work I put into the script. I really need a break from scripts now!

Yours very exhausted Gert Wiescher.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Formal Script, Historical

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