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Courtesy Script Pro
Courtesy Script Pro Courtesy Script Pro Courtesy Script Pro Courtesy Script Pro Courtesy Script Pro

About: As in Victorian times, the precious, hand-lettered look of custom stationery is back in vogue. Enter Courtesy Script, an original creation by Alejandro Paul.

Courtesy captures the elegance and propriety of finely practiced Spencerian penmanship, in particular the Zanerian school. Its lowercase is notably understated, a simple monoline with very wide connections that ease readability. In the capitals, Courtesy adds variety in both the weight of the strokes, and in degrees of flourish — from merely fancy to over-the-top engrossery.

Based on an alphabet found in a 19th-century penmanship journal, Ale created hundreds of additional, stylistically complementary letterforms. Alternate capitals and lowercase letters, swashed lowercase forms, and ending and ornamental swashes; numerals, punctuation, and non-English and accented characters.

With virtually endless ways to customize its use, Courtesy helps designers create fluid, signature looks on stationery and invitations, book covers, fashion layouts, and packaging.

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