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Chez Moustache
Chez Moustache Chez Moustache Chez Moustache Chez Moustache Chez Moustache

About: Based on Irma La Douce film opening titles, Chez Moustache is a very eye-catching display font, loaded with cool special effects. It is a unicase typeface with 2 versions for each letter, each easily accessible through upper and lower case keys. To prevent double letters from displaying the same glyph, just type the alternate glyph, or use the neat OpenType feature to make things even easier: just turn on the contextual alternates in any OpenType aware program and it's all done before you can say Jack Robinson.

Oh, did you push the stylistic alternates button instead of the contextual one? Voilà, so you've got a pocketful of flowers! There's a complete set of sweet stylistic alternates to instantly flourish your way.

And it's not over yet: check out the cool initial and terminal forms for that extra twist. Pick your choices with a glyphs palette or just turn on the OpenType swash feature. Now go ahead, there's a lot to do Chez Moustache. But that's another story...

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Distressed, Font, Fun, Retro, Wacky

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