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Bodoni Classic Deco Caps
Bodoni Classic Deco CapsBodoni Classic Deco CapsBodoni Classic Deco CapsBodoni Classic Deco CapsBodoni Classic Deco Caps


Bodoni Classic Deco is against all rules. Giambattista Bodoni himself would probably hate me for doing it; he was a real purist.

The whole idea of the Bodoni typeface is no embellishments and here I go and decorate those nice clear letters. Shame on me!

But I find this is a very nice and useful typeface for all kinds of cards and certificates. So I just did it for all of you out there that are not born purists, but want a little embellishment to their lives. And to make things worse, I added a Small Caps cut. I even decorated it. Enjoy!

Yours, breaking all the rules, Gert Wiescher

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