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Blue Goblet Florals
Blue Goblet FloralsBlue Goblet FloralsBlue Goblet Florals


The designer-favorite Blue Goblet family has grown with the addition of Blue Goblet Florals. Blue Goblet Florals are flowing and abstract ornaments that resemble foliage or flowers rendered in Cory Godbey’s unique illustration style.

These fresh and lively foliage inspired ornaments can be resized easily without any loss of quality, and can easily be converted to outlines and modified. These floral ornaments can be combined to form unique compositions or inserted directly into layouts. Please see the sample .pdf to see all 55 floral ornaments in action, and be sure to check out the original Blue Goblet brush script and Blue Goblet ornaments, frames and vignettes.

Blue Goblet Florals is a collaboration between insigne Design and Portland Studios.

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1-5 Users | $32.99



Ainslie Condensed Bold
Ainslie Extended Light
Ainslie Normal Regular
Ashemore Condensed Bold
Ashemore Condensed Light
Ashemore Condensed Regular
Ashemore Extended Bold
Ashemore Extended Light
Ashemore Extended Regular
Ashemore Normal Bold
Ashemore Normal Light
Ashemore Normal Regular
Ashemore Softened Cond Black
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Ashemore Softened Ext Black
Ashemore Softened Ext Bold
Ashemore Softened Ext Light
Ashemore Softened Norm Black
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Ashemore Softened Norm Medium
Aviano Black
Aviano Future
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Aviano Future Heavy Fast
Aviano Future Light
Aviano Sans
Aviano Sans Black
Aviano Sans Layers Centerline
Aviano Sans Layers Diagonal
Aviano Sans Layers Dots Reversed
Aviano Serif
Aviano Serif Black
Aviano Serif Light
Aviano Wedge
Aviano Wedge Heavy
Aviano Wedge Light
Barcis Condensed Bold
Barcis Condensed Book
Barcis Condensed Thin
Barcis Extended Demi
Barcis Extended Light
Barcis Extended Medium
Barcis Normal Book
Barcis Normal Demi
Barcis Normal Light
Barcis Normal Regular
Barcis Normal Thin
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