Bikini Season Sans Font by Los Andes

Bikini Season Sans
Bikini Season Sans Bikini Season Sans Bikini Season Sans Bikini Season Sans Bikini Season Sans

About: Summer has come! Boho girl is going on her beach vacation. Relaxed, spontaneous, feminine, irreverent, though. Like a girl with a Gipsy soul, she just grabs her Bikini and turns away! This is the new font duo by the couple Coto and Luciano.

Bikini includes a sans version, based on the proportion and structure of Roman capitals, but with a contemporary flavor and a clean style that give the typeface a chic touch. The other version of this font duo is a modern calligraphy script of handmade style. The mix is just perfect: opposites attract creating a very interesting counterpoint. Can you guess who is the designer behind each style?

This font duo is intended to be used for posters, labelling or branding. The sans and script styles add visual hierarchy when composing text. Feel the fresh free spirit of its OpenType features and ornaments! Please See User Guide

Tags: Casual Script, Feminine, Font, Sans Serif

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