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Berimbau Basic
Berimbau Basic Berimbau Basic Berimbau Basic Berimbau Basic Berimbau Basic

About: Berimbau is a whimsical narrow hand-drawn typeface. It's stylish, versatile and loaded with amazing OpenType features that do their magic in OpenType savvy applications. Its sprightly swashes and twisting stylistic alternates (say that 3 times fast!) play together to deliver a really cool contextual feature that, in a push-button way, substitutes the first letter in a word with its left swash version and the last letter with its right swash version (please type a space before and after the words).The feature also applies stylistic variants to some of the intermediate letters. Which button to push? The Contextual Alternates one!

If you're not a one-click-way-person you can pick your preferred glyphs through the glyphs palette. There you'll find at least 4 variations for each letter: left swash, right swash and 2 regular forms that correspond to the upper and lower case keys. Some letters also have a 5th variation that acts as stylistic alternate. This font is conveniently packed with the 'access all alternates' functionality, so when you click on a glyph at the glyphs palette you'll see all variations available for it, making it easier to choose the one that will fit better.

A bold weight was made to provide that extra-strength when a bit of boldness is needed! Please note that it doesn't have the advanced OpenType features (but is still very charming!). Yet, both weights have a handy set of ornaments for added yumminess.

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