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Aladdin Bold
Aladdin Bold Aladdin Bold

About: Aladdin Bold was created by Typographic Designer/Letter, Illustrator Tom Nikosey (USA). I created a logo for a desert resort hotel that's style was based on the warm winds and ambiance of the ancient Sahara Desert.

"As I was drawing the individual letterforms to build the words, I realized a typeface was taking shape. I decided some years later to complete the font and decided to name it Aladdin after the wonderful classic set in that part of the world." -TN

The round pointed serifs & bold flowing curves felt very Middle Eastern Classic. Even though most of the countries in that region of the world use their own characters and glyphs I wanted to create a westernized translation in letterforms to match the personality of the culture.

The font is clean, legible and bold. It also appears to have a Germanic, Baltic, and Eastern European flair.

Aladdin Bold Italic

This is the partner font to Aladdin Bold. Although it's a perfect Italic fit it appears to have a slightly different personality. Designed and constructed by designer Tom Nikosey(USA) after he completed Aladdin Bold.

Aladdin Bold Italic shares the same round pointed serifs and smooth bold curves and when in italic position conjures up the Psychedelic 1960's music scene. The complimentary serifs seem to fit together in a cohesive lock. The posters of the hippy era announcing the concert performers and venues had lineup, hand lettered band names and cult phrases. Aladdin Bold Italic slightly resembles that style.

You will see that sampling on the show cards that accompany the font. Used in hi contrasting primary colors captures this era.

Aladdin Bold Italic takes on other personalities as well, e.g.. Halloween, Sports Events, Food Fairs, and Music Festivals.

Tags: Font, Futuristic, Special Effect

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