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Gala Complete Gala Complete Gala Complete Gala Complete Gala Complete Gala Complete Gala Complete Gala Complete

About: Gala is the digitization of the one of the most important Italian typefaces of the twentieth century: G. da Milano's 1935 Neon design for the Nebiolo foundry.

This design's importance is in being the predecessor - and perhaps direct ancestor - of Aldo Novarese's Microgramma (and later Eurostile), which paved the world's way to the gentle transitional, futuristic look we now know and see everywhere.

Gala comes in three styles: A slender, elegant and very fashionable main weight, a strong yet distinctively clear and legible bold, and one of the most unusual shadow/fill treatments to come out of 1930s Europe. Plenty of alternates are included within the fonts.

Gala Condensed comes in three weights: regular, medium and bold.

Gala was always the perfect candidate for a 1970s-like treatment of outlining and trilining. So now you have the two additional Gala Open display styles that you always thought would be great on your music sleeves or retro design. While the Biline font is somewhat reserved, its lines and curves standing respectably among other design elements on the page, the Triline is all-out wild, ready to take on everyone on your dance floor and dizzy up the crowd with how cool it is.

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